Public policies at the national, state, and local levels have a tremendous impact on the infrastructure needed to deliver quality early learning programs for all children. The work to gain access to proper funding to create not just physical infrastructure, but compensation for the services provided by early educators and child care professionals, is vitally important and it starts with you.

Child Care in Idaho

Child care in Idaho is in a state of crisis. Our child care system is struggling to meet the needs of families and the impact will continue to have devastating effects. We need policymakers to prioritize investments in our child care system and adopt solutions that help providers stay in business so families have access to the quality and affordable child care their children need while they work. Send an email to your legislators and tell them they need to invest in Idaho’s families today!

For Families

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For Providers

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Advocacy Toolkit

If you believe in the need of early childhood education for children in your community then you can be an advocate for it. It can be hard to know where to start, but Idaho AEYC has resourced to help you and the community advocate for children to state and local leaders to provide resources and investment in early learning opportunities. Read through our Advocacy Toolkit and learn how to do this important work.