Idaho AEYC builds a cohesive and comprehensive Strategic Plan every five years. These plans are built through input from communities, Early Learning Collaboratives, and other partners to create a holistic approach on how we continue to expand early learning opportunities across Idaho.

Idaho AEYC's Strategic Priorities

All planning is developed through our strategic priorities.

High Quality Learning

Goal: Children birth through age 8 have equitable access to developmentally appropriate, high-quality early learning.

Desired Results:

  • Increase the number of developmentally appropriate high-quality early learning programs for children birth through age 5.
  • Identify collaborative relations with affiliates/partners to increase child care licensing and standards statewide.
  • Position NAEYC Accreditation systems as the gold standard to build quality in state pre-K and quality rating and improvements systems.

The Profession

Goal: The early childhood education profession exemplifies excellence and is recognized as vital and performing a critical role in society.

Desired Results:

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders, existing networks and higher education to increase birth through age 8 professional engagement with Idaho AEYC.
  • Skills, knowledge, competencies and qualifications are agreed upon and used to define early care and education profession.
  • Early childhood professionals are diverse, effective educators and leaders working within a compensation and recognition system that supports their excellence.
  • Professional development and preparation systems support seamless progression for early care and education professionals to advance their education, professional learning and careers.

Organizational Advancement

Goal: Idaho AEYC is a highly valued, credible and visible organization.

Desired Results:

  • Early childhood educators seek Idaho AEYC as their desired professional association.
  • Young and diverse early childhood educators are drawn to the value Idaho AEYC presents in its membership benefits.
  • Overall member engagement and satisfaction increases across geography and demographics.

Organizational Excellence

Goal: Idaho AEYC reflects excellence in all aspects of organizational health and vitality.

Desired Results:

  • Idaho AEYC operates at the highest capacity, effectively serving early childhood professionals at the local and state levels.
  • Idaho AEYC’s governance structure is strong and its board members are accountable for the diversity, effectiveness, fiscal health, and sustainability of the organization.
  • Idaho AEYC staff report a shared understanding and accountability for a high-performing, inclusive organization, including an understanding of the vision, mission and values.
  • Members, customers and staff report Idaho AEYC’s information and communication technology systems are reliable, user-friendly, support their work effectively and meet their needs.

Leadership and Innovation

Goal: Through collaborative relationships, Idaho AEYC cultivates leadership and innovative strategies that propel the field, profession and systems of early learning.

Desired Results:

  • Idaho AEYC strives to maintain and sustain strong leadership capacity throughout the organization, its membership, volunteers and staff.
  • Early childhood programs and professionals throughout Idaho have access to Idaho AEYC’s resources, content and early childhood systems expertise. All work is grounded in sound fiscal and legal business practices.
  • Idaho AEYC continues to serve as a catalyst and consensus builder for complex and controversial issues to generate new knowledge and understanding.
  • Idaho AEYC is a reliable and productive collaborator and partner.


Idaho's Early Childhood Care & Education Needs Assessment

boy in ball pit
In 2020, Idaho AEYC worked with communities, creating needs assessments with the Early Learning Collaboratives across Idaho to paint a picture of what is needed in every corner of our state. This Needs Assessment is designed to help policymakers, administrators, leaders, and stakeholders learn more about children and families in Idaho, their early childhood care and education (ECCE) needs, and the quality and availability of services that allow families to thrive.

Idaho's Early Childhood Care & Education Strategic Plan

Through the Statewide Needs Assessment, Idaho AEYC was able to create a Strategic Plan. This plan allows collaboratives and communities to continue their valuable work to help bring the vision of a thriving Idaho children and families to life.