Family Resources

Early Learning Starts at Home

As the first place a child begins learning, the habits and knowledge gained in the home build a foundation for their future. Through daily interactions with parents and family members, a child grows, develops, and begins to form the basic architecture of their brain.

Research proves that quality early learning experiences provide children with the tools necessary to effectively prepare them to enter school, keep them healthy and safe, and find success. To support the efforts of parents, educators, and caregivers, Idaho AEYC offers resources that enhance early learning to ensure our children and help them thrive in the classroom.

Idaho AEYC Resources

Find Child Care

Idaho AEYC, Find Child Care
Search for child care in your community.

Early Learning Resources

Idaho AEYC, Learning Resources
Find at-home learning opportunities to help your child prepare for Kindergarten

READY! for Kindergarten

Father and child
These early learning workshops support parents in their role as their child's first and most influential teacher.

State Resources

The state of Idaho has additional resources to help families of young children.  

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho AEYC, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Find state-funded programming, financial assistance, and information on nutrition and health.

Idaho Children’s Trust Fund

Idaho AEYC, Idaho Children’s Trust Fund
This organization works to prevent child abuse in Idaho. Find out more about their programming and assistance.

Lee Pesky Learning Center

Idaho AEYC, Lee Pesky Learning Center
Find virtual preschool resources.