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About Idaho AEYC

Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children envisions a world where all children thrive. Guided by our mission, core values, and core beliefs, Idaho AEYC works to advance Idaho’s early learning profession and advocate for children and their families, as well as those who work with young children. We bring together parents, providers, educators, and communities.

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Child Care Grants Available

Idaho AEYC is working with Meridian to provide grant opportunities for families needing support for child care. Learn more about these available opportunities and see if you qualify.

For Child Care Workers

Early childhood educators are at the forefront of children's growth and development. Idaho AEYC offers tools and resources to better prepare educators for creating programs and making an impact. Our resources include accreditations, training, a community platform, and our Emerging Leaders Club, which brings together new teachers, students, and graduates.

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For Families

Your home is your child's foundation for learning, development, and growth. To ensure children are prepared to thrive in the classroom, Idaho AEYC offers resources for parents and caregivers to help enhance early learning. Find learning resources, check out childcare providers in your community, and browse quality programming offered in the state. You can also view state-offered resources that serve families of young children.

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Get Involved

It takes a village to raise a child, which means everyone's contribution counts. You can help Idaho's children thrive in a number of ways. From state-wide volunteer opportunities to advocating for policies that benefit early education, your action helps bring the community together and rally around our children. You can also donate, become a partner or sponsor, or enhance your career with a professional Idaho AEYC membership.

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Latest News

Jul 20, 2022
child care provider

Beginning August 1, 2022, two thousand childcare providers and workers licensed in Boise will be eligible to apply for a one-time payment of $1,500.

Apr 6, 2022
Wood River, Idaho - Idaho AEYC News
Charitable organizations are stepping up to fill a gap in education funding resulting from political wrangling over early-childhood education in Idaho.
Apr 4, 2022
Week of the Young Child, Idaho AEYC News
As one of the most critical services Americans depend on approached collapse during the pandemic, the child care industry finally began getting much-deserved attention. The system in the United States was severely flawed prior to the pandemic, with affordability and access challenges causing women to leave the workforce, fewer professionals entering the field and skyrocketing costs for families.
Mar 16, 2022
What to know about Child Care in the Boise, Idaho area - Idaho AEYC News
The waiting list for children to enroll at Ten Mile Community Church Day Care in Meridian is too long for Lisa Martello, the director, to count. The day care center has been operating with a shortage of at least three staff members since 2020. The center is also tasked with meeting the growing demand for child care as the population grows. Child care providers throughout the Boise area say there are not enough day care centers to meet the demand.