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About Idaho AEYC

Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children envisions a world where all children thrive. Guided by our mission, core values, and core beliefs, Idaho AEYC works to advance Idaho’s early learning profession and advocate for children and their families, as well as those who work with young children. We bring together parents, providers, educators, and communities.

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Imagine an Idaho where every child thrives - this is our vision for Idaho and is why we do the work we do. With your support, you can be a part of that vision and help us continue our work to create environments where our children thrive: at home, in child care, or in the classroom. Together, we can build a brighter future for Idaho's families, children, and early childhood professionals.

For Child Care Workers

Early childhood educators are at the forefront of children's growth and development. Idaho AEYC offers tools and resources to better prepare educators for creating programs and making an impact. Our resources include accreditations, training, a community platform, and our Emerging Leaders Club, which brings together new teachers, students, and graduates.

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For Families

Your home is your child's foundation for learning, development, and growth. To ensure children are prepared to thrive in the classroom, Idaho AEYC offers resources for parents and caregivers to help enhance early learning. Find learning resources, check out childcare providers in your community, and browse quality programming offered in the state. You can also view state-offered resources that serve families of young children.

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Get Involved

It takes a village to raise a child, which means everyone's contribution counts. You can help Idaho's children thrive in a number of ways. From state-wide volunteer opportunities to advocating for policies that benefit early education, your action helps bring the community together and rally around our children. You can also donate, become a partner or sponsor, or enhance your career with a professional Idaho AEYC membership.

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Latest News

Nov 20, 2022
Hailey Library


The Wood River Women’s Foundation has taken the next step with its early learning initiative with the appointment of Kathryn Ivers as the project director of the Wood River Early Learning Collaborative.

Nov 17, 2022

The City of Boise is partnering with three different nonprofits to distribute federal COVID-19 relief funds to community members in need.

Oct 31, 2022
Endeavor Elementary

NAMPA, Idaho — Working parents face an array of challenges in order to meet both the demands of their employer and their children -- but what if more workplaces offered on-site child care?

Oct 23, 2022
One mom said that parents are not only trying to find affordable childcare but also quality childcare, and the two are not always synonymous.

BOISE, Idaho — Childcare is one of the biggest expenses for parents – a necessity that costs many families more and more every year.