Early Childhood Educator Resources

As Early Childhood Educators, you are at the forefront of a child’s growth and development. At Idaho AEYC, we want to make sure you are given the tools and resources you need to have a successful, quality-driven program that not only makes you more marketable as an educator but is also serves the betterment of your community.

Idaho AEYC Resources


Idaho AEYC, Accreditation
Learn more about the benefits of accreditation and see available accreditation programming available in Idaho.


Idaho AEYC, Trainings
See available trainings for early childhood educators.


Idaho AEYC, Tradewing
Log into your Tradewing Membership account.

Emerging Leaders

Idaho AEYC, Emerging Leaders
Learn more about the Emerging Leaders Club and how you can benefit.


Idaho AEYC, Membership
Learn more about the benefits of a Professional Membership.

External Resources

Idaho Core Competencies

Idaho AEYC, Idaho Core Competencies
A free, downloadable PDF with state standards of early care and education for professional development for educators working with young children.

Idaho Early Learning eGuides

Idaho AEYC, Idaho Early Learning eGuides
Guides developed and managed by Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Developmental Growth Checklist

Idaho AEYC, Developmental Growth Checklist
A checklist of developmental milestones for children ages 3 months – 3 years – provided by Idaho DHW.

Healthy Infants & Children

Idaho AEYC, Healthy Infants & Children
Resources and materials to help infants and children to be healthy – provided by Idaho DHW.