Can Advocates in Red States Make the Business Case for Child Care?

Submitted by Idaho AEYC on Thu, 08/04/2022 - 15:33

One of the many revelations for Americans during the pandemic was the role of child care in making the economy work.

To keep companies staffed and women in the workforce, child care programs need to be open and available, people realized. And more than that, they need to be accessible and affordable, too.

It’s one of those pandemic lessons that people keep learning again and again, as labor shortages persist. Employers feel it—they can’t fill their open jobs. Employees feel it—they have to make choices about whether to remain in the workforce, and if they do, they have to step in and do the jobs of their would-be coworkers. And consumers feel it, too—from supply chain issues to long lines to inflationary pressure.

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